Cake crumbs and other dangers

I take my baby to a few activities/classes, one we go to has some downtime for drinks and a biscuit while the children play for 10 minutes.
This particular week however somebody brought a proper cake in, with lashings of buttercream icing and almonds on top. Eeek. Cue watching my toddling egg and dairy allergic 16 month old like a hawk, who is eyeing up said cake being eaten by the other parents and making puppy dog eyes in begging mode. Usually the food thing is manageable as the parents are just eating a biscuit which hardly makes a mess and disappears pretty quickly. Unfortunately the slices of cake handed out were huge triangles on napkins and it was the type which fall apart and sprays crumbs everywhere once you bite into it. A couple of toddlers were also helping themselves which created a crumb shower in their vicinity.
This is the most difficult thing for both of us when we are out. My daughter is at the stage of either: a) wanting to eat anything off the floor that can fit in her mouth or b) wanting to eat anything that anyone else is eating. Both are not ideal and can be a pain but when you have and allergic child – well, it’s ten times more stressful. We were doing pretty well until just at the end when I was writing a cheque out for the teacher, the room was half empty but the floor was covered in crumbs; out of the corner of my eye I spotted her hand put something into her mouth. “No!” I yelped, jumped up and rushed over. After getting her mouth to open I fished out a piece of cake crumb. At least she hadn’t ingested it otherwise it would have made her come out in hives. A calmer response would have been more desirable as the teacher was slightly alarmed, but I was just relieved I stopped her in time.
This is one of the reasons why I don’t go to playgroups, there’s too much risk of being exposed to allergens and my daughter can’t make the distinction between what is safe and what is not. I wonder whether we are missing out, but then I think the stress is just not worth it.

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