Oral Allergy Syndrome: A right pain

My Eldest One has Oral Allergy Syndrome and the number of fresh fruit and vegetables she can eat raw is dwindling as each summer passes by. She used to love eating cherries, strawberries, melon, peaches, apple – in fact any fruit. Not anymore.┬áBecause she has hay fever this is causing a cross reaction between pollen and certain fruits/vegetables which when eaten gives her an itchy mouth. Poor One hates it when it happens – this year she started to react to tomatoes which she ate by the bucket load until only a few months ago, and yesterday she ate a raw carrot stick and said her throat was itchy.

I sigh as a write this, because One gets really disappointed when she finds there is yet another thing she cannot eat and then starts getting fearful of trying anything else in case she reacts. There are only a few fruits she can eat fresh now: raspberries, banana, grapes, pomegranate and satsumas. Fortunately cooking or freezing can change the structure so we can still make an apple crumble or freeze the fruit to make a smoothie.

I also suspect Number Two is reacting in a similar way to tomatoes, sugar snaps and potato! It’s all getting very difficult with deciding what both my kids can eat at the same time.

For more information there is some really useful advice on OAS here:


Cross Reaction Chart