I’m Back

Summer break has finished. Eldest has gone back to school and baby and toddler classes have started again – it’s actually quite nice to be back in a routine!

Over the summer some strange things have happened – both of the girls have developed some new allergies sadly (I sigh as I type this). Eldest One has had more reaction to fresh fruit so the variety of what she can eat is decreasing. Little Two has started to react to peanut now; we were hoping this would not be the case since she was eating it since she was a year old, however over the summer holiday she didn’t have it for a few weeks as Eldest One is allergic to peanut and that seems to have done it. There’s a definite reaction to avocado over the last week and she is also reacting to random things, some of which I can’t quite put my finger on but it could be oranges, tomato and peppers. The trouble is she wants to eat everything all of the time – and that includes the furniture!

We’ve been doing a fair bit of culinary research over the holidays. I’ve taken a few pics so will post them up soon.

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